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"Born in Alloway, Died in Dumfries, Lived in Mauchline"
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Benches to Flanders

You will remember that Mauchline Burns Club travelledto Flanders to take part in the official unveiling of the Scottish War memorial at Zonnebeke. (See article below)

The party which were there came back with such enthusiasm at their reception and the goodwill towards them shown there, that they decided that Mauchline Burns Club should do something in return.  Having consulted the main Belgian organiser of the memorial , Erwin Ureel, on what was required, we decided to send four seats for people to rest on while visiting the memorial.  Erwin was adamant that these should be 'Made in Scotland' and we discovered that Ailsa Hospital workshops made wooden benches to a very high standard. After visiting and being impressed by the quality, four were ordered and were on their way to Flanders just before Christmas 2009. We were very lucky that our friend, Field Cook  and WW1 Field Kitchen owner, Peter Scally, was going over with a van to bring back his kitchen and he readily agreed to take the benches over with him and deliver them to Erwin.


Bench plate
Benches at the Memorial June 2011

Passchendaele, Flanders Visit

'Mauchline Burns Club International'

Seven members of Mauchline Burns Club and their families travelled by invitation to Zonnebeke to take part in the ceremony of the unveiling of the Monument to the Scots troops who died during the Great War. The monument is a Celtic Cross of Scottish Granite on a plinth of original bunker stones and - at 20 feet tall - it dominates the landscape.The Cross was made by an Aberdeenshire Firm and transported out to Flanders. It was paid for by Regimental, Scottish Executive, British Legion and Scottish City donations.

The instigator - and Belgian co-ordinator - of the weekend was Erwin Ureel, an adjutant chef in the Belgian Army and WWI tour guide. Scotland owes him a huge debt for his efforts. The title of the weekend was 'Will ye come to Flanders? All 14 of the Group were very glad they had said yes.

Have you tasted haggis, neeps and tatties?
Yes, we come from Scotland but from Mauchline and it is free.

Some Hae' Meat and canna' eat! (note the name on the whisky bottle)

Ian Lyell assures everyone that 'A man's a man for a' that'



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Maucline Burns Club
Maucline Burns Club
"Born in Alloway, Died in Dumfries, Lived in Mauchline"
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