You might not give too much consideration to the idea of trees getting sick. However, trees can suffer from diseases, just like humans. Tree diseases can result in several issues. This includes failure to survive, poor canopy cover, discoloration, stunning growth, and more. The disease can spread to other plants if left ignored. It can also cause the death of the tree.  

There is a various range of diseases and pests that affect both old and young trees. Most of the time, a Garsfontein tree felling service is enough to stop the spread of the disease. Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to solve common tree diseases.  

Kirramyces Leaf Disease (Teratosphaeria Epicoccoides) 

A kirramyces leaf disease shows itself with tiny purple spots that slowly grow and cover the whole surface of a leaf. You might notice some black or brown spores covering the underside of the leaf. This provides the leaf a charcoal-like look. Complete defoliation can happen if left ignored.  


For those who don’t know, anthracnose is a fungal disease. This type of fungus affects a huge range of plants and trees. It shows itself as holes and sunken legions in stems, flowers, and leaves. Anthracnose is usually found in damp areas. They thrive in humid spots. Because of this, if you’re living in a region with a humid climate, your tree is at risk of this disease.  

Cypress Canker 

This is another fungal disease. Cypress canker shows itself with red and deep cankers on the branches of your tree. This fungal disease can quickly kill trees. The dead branch becomes yellow and emits spores. Because of this, the fungus can spread from one tree to another. You should immediately get rid of the affected branches if you notice indications of cypress canker on one of the branches. You will have to completely get rid of the tree if the infestation is severe. It is the only method to stop the disease from spreading to another plant. 

Myrtle Rust 

This is another fungal disease. It typically affects plants like Bottlebrush, Eucalyptus, Paperbark, and Lilly Pilly. Myrtle rust is a serious disease. It can quickly spread from one plant to another. It mainly attacks the stem of a young plant. However, it can also attack the flowers, fruit, and leaves of a tree. This fungal disease shows itself as purpose spots that have bright yellow spores. 

Brown Root Rot 

It is another tree fungus disease. Brown root rot mainly attacks the root of a tree. It can result in the decay and rot of the root to the point where the tree won’t able to absorb nutrients and water.  

You probably have heard of the phrase “prevention is better than cure”. Well, this is also true when it comes to tree diseases. Here are several tips on how to avoid common tree diseases.  

  • Inspect the trees regularly for indications of disease so you can treat them as soon as possible 
  • Add organic fertilizer and matter to maintain soil health 
  • Make sure your trees have the best growing conditions. This includes healthy soil, enough water, and light.